the spottr story

Lt. Colonel (Res.) Sharon Gat and Lt. Colonel (Res.) Roy Timor Rousso advanced together in the Israel Defense Force
to the rank of Battalion Commanders. For over ten years, they’ve shared many days and nights in training and combat.

It was one of many such nights when Sharon, as owner of several academies and shooting ranges, pointed out
that shooting ranges use the same marking methods used in the 1940s; he wondered why today’s mobile technology hasn’t caught up.
His “fantasy product” would drastically improve the user experience for his customers and his staff, making business more time/cost eficient.
With Roy’s understanding of the mobile sector and Sharon’s expertise in the shooting market, it was time for SPOTTR.

They gathered an outstanding team of app developers, algorithms gurus, professional shooters, army specialists and marketing professionals.
In just six months, SPOTTR was “locked and loaded”, offering a new experience for recreational shooters, professionals, and shooting ranges around the world.